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and welcome to the Social Security system this program will guide you on how to secure an SS number the SS form that you will need to fill out and the requirements and you are to submit that the SSS of mysteriously I am your host Daniel IANA and this is how you can secure an SS member and SSS number is a lifetime number no one is allowed to have more than one SSS number the assignment of an SSS number does not automatically make the registrant nor his dependents SSS members to become an SSS member one must be employed by a corporate employer a person who wishes to get an sss number for the first time as a prospective employee should observe the following procedure first obtain an sss form p1 by visiting an sss branch nearest you or download it from the SS s website at wwwsecgov th when filling out the form remember to use blackboard and only print your surname first than your given name and lastly your middle name then write your complete address once you're done check the box that states your gender right your date the first numerically using the month date in year format to indicate your civil status check the box that matches your status if you are married you are required to write the name of your spouse and your children on the space provided or if not simply write not applicable also write the complete name of your father and mother if any are both of them are deceased please speak so below the field entitled other beneficiaries you will need to read the name our names of the person whom you will designate as your beneficiary if the applicant is without spouse child or parents lastly a fix your signature of the rightmost bottom part of your II one form and leave your left and right thumb part at the opposite side after accomplishing this form you may now submit it to the sss office nearest residents in two copies together with original or certified true copy and photocopy of the following supporting documents primary documents include birth certificate baptismal certificate Passport Professional Regulation Commission or PRC card or seaman's book in the absence of the primary documents submit any two of the following where the name photo and date of birth of the registrant appears married persons should also submit a marriage contract when applying for an sss number if the applicant has children the original or certified true copies of birth are baptismal certificates of children andor of their pertinent documents should be presented to the SSS for authentication purposes you will be given a personal copy of this form where in your SSS number is indicated you are now ready for employment remember it pays to become an SSS member thank you for watching until next time good day for more information visit our website at wwwattcombiz in a las at member underscore relations at SSS gov PAH you